How do I navigate to a .chan domain, or to any other domain provided by OpenNIC?

Before you can navigate to a .chan domain, you must configure your DNS to resolve queries via OpenNIC’s DNS servers. To access a step-by-step guide on doing so, click here.

Will I need to give up my anonymity to register a domain?

Absolutely not. The .chan registration process only requires a valid email, a username of choice, and a password to associate with your account. Your real name is not asked for in the registration process, and providing one is not necessary to participate in the governance process of the domain.

Does registration cost me anything?

No. The .chan Top Level Domain is a free service provided by volunteers to the imageboard community. There are no fees associated with user or domain registration.

Can I navigate to a .chan domain without any configuration beforehand?

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide standard ICANN-compliant DNS and will not support OpenNIC by default. You must configure your device or router to use OpenNIC DNS servers before being able to access our domains.

Does OpenNIC support DNScrypt? How does OpenNIC protect my privacy?

Several DNS servers provided by OpenNIC volunteers support dnscrypt, and most do not keep logs of user activity. For information on which DNS servers support these features, please visit the OpenNIC Public Server List to learn more.

I connected to OpenNIC’s servers and I can’t resolve any queries! What gives?

Some OpenNIC T2 servers require your I.P. address be whitelisted to resolve queries through them. For information on which servers implement a whitelist, please visit the OpenNIC Public Server List.

To whitelist your I.P. address, register an OpenNIC account on the OpenNIC Members page, navigate to your member profile page, and run the command located at the bottom of the page below the fields for your profile information in the terminal or shell of choice.

Please note that these instructions require the installation and use of the wget utility, provided it is not available by default in your operating system.

If you do not wish to have your I.P. address whitelisted or the above instructions are incompatible with your device, simply replace the servers that utilize the whitelist with servers nearby that don’t in your device or router configurations.

I’m a Windows User, is there any easier way to configure OpenNIC?

Install the OpenNIC Wizard.

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